FTT's expert technicians will work with customers to determine the performance needs of any tool being designed, by evaluating the material being machined, hardness of the material, the machine tool being used, part tolerance levels, cycle time, finish requirements, and projected tool life. And best of all - performance is guaranteed.
Improve your tools.
The Coating Process
PVD coating protects against wear and tear and can extend the life of a tool up to 10-fold.
Edge Prep
FTT utilizes computer numerically controlled (CNC) diamond-impregnated edge prep wheels to provide fast, consistent edge prep to correct microscopic defects in tools.
NSF Certified
The Quality Management System of FTT has been assessed by NSF-ISR and found in conformance to the ISO9001:2008 standard.
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7-Axis CNC Controlled Cutting Tool Resharpening
Using factory-authorized software and specifications to reproduce the geometry of the original edge, FTT's in-house resharpening services extend the lives of tools that are often expensive to replace. FTT reconditions tools to new-tool tolerances, standards, and finishes, and often new-tool performances as well. We can also work on tools from other manufacturers.

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